• I understand that the coaching services I will be receiving from my Coach are not offered as a substitute for professional mental health care or medical care and are not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any existing mental health or medical conditions. I also understand that my coach is not acting as a mental health counselor or medical professional. I understand that coaching is not a substitute for psychotherapy, psychoanalysis, mental health care, or substance abuse treatment and I will not use in place of any form of therapy.
  • I understand life coaching is, at present, an unregulated industry and that my coach is not "licensed" by the State of New Jersey or any other state. I also understand that for all legal purposes, the services provided by my coach will be considered to be provided in the State of New Jersey. 
  • I understand that my Coach (Jade Jones) is certified, owns, and operates, Empowered Moments Life Coaching Services, located in the State of New Jersey.
  • I understand that I am fully responsible for my health and well-being during and throughout my coaching sessions. I am fully responsible for my choices and decisions.
  • I understand that any suggestions and comments made by my Coach are soley for the purpose of aiding me in achieving my defined goals. I understand that my Coach is not making promises on outcomes. However, will assist me in achieving realistic goals and projected outcomes.  
  • I have the ability to give my consent to my Coach to assist me in achieving my clearly defined goals.
  • I understand that my Coach will protect all of my personal information as confidential, and private. My Coach will not provide, rent, or sell my personal and contact information. This includes email addresses and phone numbers. Unless, court ordered by Federal, State, or Local municipalities. 
  • I understand that the use of technology is not always secure, and I accpet the risks of confidentiality in the use if email, text, phone, and Skype. 
  • I hereby release, waive, acquit, and forever discharge my Coach, agents, successors, personal representatives, executors, heirs, and employees from every claim, suit action, demand or right to compensation for damages I may clain to have or that I may have arising out of acts or omissions by myself or by my Coach as a result of advice or guidance given by my Coach or otherwise resulting from the coaching relationship established by these terms of service and contractural agreement. Furthermore; I declare and represent that no promises have been made to me and I have not been coerced into signing this agreement. This agreement shall bind my heirs, executors, personal representatives, successors, and agents.  
Somerdale , NJ
United States
Email: Jade.EmpoweringMoments@gmail.com
Phone: 856-441-0187