Life can be like taking selfies. We keep on taking them, editing, adding filters, cropping them. We take all of these steps to make sure that what the World sees is what we want and need them to see. The same can be done internally. We can edit our thinking, change our behaviors, lay a new foundation after stripping away the old one. We can create a new life. 


Hi, I'm Jade Jones. Certified life coach. Do you feel "stuck" and don't know what to do? Is life on repeat and you feel like a hamster running on a wheel? I can help you with this. As a Coach; I know that everything begins and ends with self-care. When I say, "Tap Into Me... Let's Get To Know You." What I am saying is let's connect. Let's get to know each other. Let's work on getting you where you truly want to be. 


Somerdale , NJ
United States
Phone: 856-441-0187