Hi, I'm Jade Jones. Certified Life Coach. 

My niche is self-care and relationships. Every decision in life begins with you. How you care for yourself will resonate in how you relate to others. Realigning the areas of your life which you find challenging will put you in a better place in life. Together, we will work to achieve your identified goals. 

The tools that I use and believe in most are; meditation, focus, positive thinking, daily affirmations, redirection of negative thoughts and habits. These are the tools that you can use during our sessions and after our sessions have concluded. Learning the techniques of meditation and focus; along with redirecting negative thoughts are tools for life. 

We can edit our thinking, change our behaviors, lay a new foundation after stripping away the old one. We can create a new life. A renewed way of thinking, living, and being. 



Somerdale , NJ
United States
Email: Jade.EmpoweringMoments@gmail.com
Phone: 856-441-0187